Friday, December 12, 2008

Chilly Cheer Punch

This festive drink is great during the holidays, or whenever a non-alcoholic cocktail is called for.

  • 16 oz whole cranberry sauce (from the can or homemade)
  • 12 oz frozen unsweetened raspberries
  • 24 oz. ginger ale, plus more for drinking (we use Diet Canada Dry, no corn syrup)
Place cranberry sauce, raspberries and 12 oz ginger ale in blender; blend until smooth.
Place mixture in gallon-size re-sealable food storage bag. Add remaining 12 oz of ginger ale, seal tightly and shake to blend ingredients. Place bag in freezer overnight or until frozen.
To serve, use meat mallet (not the pokey kind!) or side of a can to crush frozen cranberry mixture in bag until slushy. Spoon into dessert cups or wine glasses and enjoy as an ice or pour more ginger ale over it for a slushy drink. Serves 10

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